Christian Gonzenbach

Flakes Town

Flakes Town, 2003-

Corn Flakes, wood glue

Variable dimensions (approx 50 x 700 x 500 cm)

Taking a contrarian position to the axiom, “Do not play with food,” Flakes Town, a monochrome installation, is exclusively realized in and dotted with cornflakes. One can ask, “Is it better to drink out of a biodegradable glass made of corn or build an imaginary village with 300 kilograms of corn?” which then leads to another set of questions about what is food when it can be plasticized, turned into fuel and transformed into a base material. But sociobiological ponderings aside, Flakes Town also retains a storybook element of fantasy reminiscent of Hansel and Gretel who discovered a gingerbread house with windows of candy.