Christian Gonzenbach

Amitlu Anec

Amitlu Anec, 2012


153 x 277 x 136 cm


The famous religious scene has been turned on its head quite literally in Amitlu Anec. A small replica of Last Supper from a souvenir shop was reproduced to a human scale whose mold was then manipulated and re-worked to create a piece that is neither an inversion or a negation of the original form. Something so familiar to our eyes has become something foreign and disorienting with a complex interplay between the positive forms and the absent ones. Whereas in the original 3-D depiction of this iconographic image, the wholeness helps us understand the narrative, here we see the nonsensicalness in the whole.  The piece is placed on its side with the feet pointing to the sky like an open shell revealing its contents step by step, detail by detail, albeit in an anarchic manner.